Preventing an Above Ground Pool Leak

Preventing an above ground pool leak is harder to do than simply repairing a pool liner leak. However, if you take the time to set up rules for swimming and what can be done and not done around or in the pool, it can help protect the pool from damage and possible leaks. As with an inground pool, the above ground pool must have rules for swimmers to follow or you could end up with leaks and other damages to the pool. You should have rules for what can be around the pool, proper hygiene, and specific guidelines for children to follow.

Sharp Objects and Pools

You should always stress how important it is to keep sharp objects away from the pool, as they are one of the leading causes of damages. Many times an above ground pool leak results because someone has nicked the pool liner with something sharp. This can be almost anything, including some pool accessories that you may have thought would be safe in the pool. If you have a product with a vinyl pool liner, you must inspect everything that will be used in the water before allowing it. By monitoring what is allowed in or near the water, you can help prevent a leak from occurring.

Proper Hygiene

Some people have a hard time telling others that they cannot go into a swimming pool because they have long fingernails or toenails, but they can cause a rip in the pool liner. Actually, toenails are quite often the cause of rips to the bottom liner. The above ground pool leak can be caused when someone is clinging to the side of the pool and supporting themselves with their feet. The toenail can dig into the liner and cause a rip, which will become a leak over time. Make sure that everyone understands the rules before swimming in the above ground pool, and you will never have to worry about a hygiene related accident occurring.

Pools and Kids

Kids love to swim and frolic around in a pool. An above ground pool leak can occur if they get to rough and have toys in the pool though. If children swim in your pool, there should be rules for behavior to protect the pool liner from leaks. If you explain that damage can occur from rough play or some misuse of toys in the water, then you could prevent rips in the pool liner. Protecting your pool is important if you want to prevent leaks and save yourself a lot of time and money in the future.

Preventing an above ground pool leak is something that all pool owners want. However, in order to do this you must have some guidelines in place just as you would to prevent an inground pool leak. Everyone that swims in the pool should have proper hygiene and keep sharp objects away. If the rules are not followedFree Web Content, you could see more pool liner repairs than you would with the guidelines in place. Always try to prevent issues and problems with the pool so that you can enjoy swimming for the entire season and just a week or two.